Who Am I?

Kailey is a Maryland-based journal production editor who enjoys baking cakes and knitting (when she’s not complaining about how bad she is at knitting). She graduated with honors with a degree in English and is a proud member of the Jane Austen Society of North America and Sigma Tau Delta. When she’s not crying over British dramas or talking to her dog, she is daydreaming about Jane Austen’s heroes (and heroines) and reading romance novels dismissedĀ as “chick lit.”

Mission Statement:

In 1-2 posts a week, she will analyze characters/plots in classic literature and offer commentary on film adaptations via an interdisciplinary approach. On the days she’d like a break from fiction, she will write about the context of her favorite stories and time periods: the manners and customs in Edwardian society, arranging the dinner table in Medieval France, or the proper application of cosmetics according to 17th century America. In short, she will delve into the romanticized past and explore its lore.