Supplementary Reading

“I Made My Friends Test the 19th Century’s Hottest Dating Tactic: Reading Aloud” By Cara Giaimo

“Killer Clothing Was All the Rage In the 19th Century” by Becky Little

“A Close Reading of the ‘Censored’ Passages of The Picture of Dorian Grey” by Emily Temple

Eighteenth-Century Poetry Archive

“The Adventurous Writer Who Brought Nancy Drew To Life” by Jennifer Fisher

10 Ways Victorians Managed to Stay Cool Without A/C

“The Secret Origins of Amy March (Which Might Make You Hate Her a Little Less)” by Kate Gavino

“In Defense of William Ransom” by Meredith R. Stoddard

“An Ugly Carnival” by Antony Beevor

“Why Dev Patel in Dickens Could Change Film Forever” by Cath Clarke

“Why Don’t More Boys Read Little Women?” by Anne Boyd Rioux

“Some Books Can Kill” by Allison Meier

“The Once-Common Practice of Communal Sleeping” by Adee Braun